Benefits of the Decentralized Organization

Speed. Scale. Access to benefits.

While conventional invention and IP management approaches can be readily used, we may also elect to make use of a decentralized, autonomous, organization model for quality IP development managed by smart contracts to achieve speed and scale in delivering the benefits of the collective model. Those benefits include:

• rights to portfolio IP for defensive use

• vastly reduced costs relative to siloed, in-house patent efforts

• access to accelerated product innovation

• downstream IP pool licensing revenue from non-contributors

• global coordination, compensation, process management


Participants in an Inventor DAO implementation can obtain a share of its benefits proportional to their contributions. Contributions include:

• intellectual property in various stages, from raw invention up through granted patent

• development work to refine inventions into valuable IP

• administrative work

• capital investment

Fast start. Evolution to the DAO.

As time is of the essence, Inventor DAO will use any means immediately necessary to move forward on development of strategic intellectual property. The DAO framework and decentralized, autonomous production processes will be developed in parallel with immediate invention development work. We are currently evaluating DAO frameworks, like Aragon,, and DAOStack, to determine which are most suitable, robust, and amenable to Inventor DAO’S design goals.

In the meantime, we will not shy away from using spreadsheets and online product management tools, and provisional compensation/proportional benefit allocation mechanisms in order to move forward immediately. All of these will help shape the development of the decentralized, autonomous Inventor, while enabling us to move the ball today.

Inventor DAO development sequence and components.

At a high level, Inventor DAO’s production methods include the stages and steps illustrated in the diagram above.

We’ll publish more detail on our model, including approaches to staking, managing confidentiality prior to filing, ensuring participant capabilities, reviewing work product through their various stages, maintaining document versioning and integrity, and calculating both task compensation and proportional share in the organization’s benefits. Please get on our mailing list for updates.

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